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Haunted - Singing Detective
Under Investigation
I like your eyes
I like your shape
And I could easily overpower you
I won't say a thing
I won't tell a soul
But I could easily overpower you

Auf der Maur: Overpower thee

Every part of my waking day is now filled with the thought of nothing but her and winning her off of that prick Ripley Holden. There is just something about her, something that gets me deep inside and it’s like I cannot breath without her in my life. Natalie Holden is a married woman and yet I am willing to do anything to have her as my own.

Lie, cheat, anything. I just have to have her.

Every time I close my eyes, every moment of every day I can see her, her face is etched deep into my subconscious. Her touch haunts my dreams, I can feel her lying there next to me, fingers brushing against my chest as we do the whole after sex cuddling thing.

How do they do that? One minute you see them as a goddess that you want to worship and the next they are hiding away in every part of your life. There are certain songs I cannot hear without thinking of her, certain places I can no longer visit. Without Natalie in my life, the places and things that made me happy grind me down and make me miserable.

Current Mood: lonely lonely

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