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Hurt - Singing Detective
Under Investigation
She was there and she was early. He couldn’t help but smile at the fact that she had agreed to leave with him, to go back to Glasgow with him. Butterflies churned in his stomach at the thought of it, the two of them starting a new life together. A life away from murder investigations, Blackpool and most of all, a life away from Ripley Holden and everything he thinks he stands for.
But things don’t last when you are happy, especially when you’re doing the wife of a murder suspect; Natalie turned around and told him she wasn’t going with him. She told him that she was staying there, with her family and with him.
Hurt flowed through Carlisle, he loved her, and within five minutes of their first meeting he loved her. Yes he had lied about who he was, but he loved her and she loved him. His hurt turned to anger to protect his own feelings. He told her that all of it was lies, that the only reason he had taken her out, the only reason he had screwed her and told her he loved to her was to use her to get information on her family, on her son and husband, the two people who were the prime suspects in the case he was working on with Detective Constable Blythe.
Maybe at first the only reason he had wanted to meet her was because she was the wife of a murder suspect, but within moments he wanted to know her, to told her hand and kiss her. He wanted to love her. And in those moments in that hotel room, the only lies he told her were brought on by the hurt and rejection he was feeling. A man like Ripley Holden didn’t deserve a woman like that, maybe he didn’t either but he loved her and he knew he could make her happy.

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