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Singing Detective
Under Investigation
“Fear, ah, now that’s a question. What do I fear?” He puffed up his cheeks and rubbed the back of his neck, “I suppose there are many things to fear. Death being one of them, never catching your man in a murder inquire, no, that’s not one, not really. I suppose for most of us the one thing we really fear is rejection and I don’t mean the kind that just kicks you while you are down. I mean the kind that rips your heart out.

Ever found the perfect person, that one person you can find yourself spending the rest of your life with. You will fight, cheat and do pretty much anything you can to be with them. You don’t care that they are married or that they have children, all you care about is that they make you surprisingly happy and you see them light up when they are will you. But you do everything you can think of to be with them, you lie and you try to cheat. You love them and in the end they find out about the lies and everything crumbles.

Worst thing is you see that you have hurt them and then you make up more lies to stop your own hurt, to try and make them feel better.” Laughs, “But I think I’ve gone off on a tangent there haven’t I, what was I saying. Oh right, being rejected. I loved someone and they loved me but they were going to stay with their husband because they thought it was the best thing for her. I was so scared, so frightened when she told me this that I told her I was only with her to get to her husband and son, to get them for murder. When we fear something and it happens to us, we just lash out and hurt the people to hurt us.”

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