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Multi-coloured hell - Singing Detective
Under Investigation
Multi-coloured hell
Ever walked down the streets of Blackpool? Poor mans Las Vegas, a place filled with druggies, whores, and groups of male holiday makers out for a fight, oh, and AWP’s. Oh, an AWP is an arcade with prizes. In truth most arcades are those, after all you can collect those little tokens for gifts or play one of those grabbing machines. But what was I was saying?



I hate the place.

Right shit hole.

You can stand there, lovely sunny day, watching the sea brush up against the golden sand, children playing with their families and having a whale of a time, and then you turn around and you see the eye sours. It’s like someone drank a lot of paint and threw up everywhere and then decide to pop a few lights here and there to try and make the place look pretty. I mean really. How can a custard yellow shop front with multi coloured lights on it make people want to go inside? And it’s not that fact that it’s a waste of money.

Now the only place colours like that should be permitted is on a donut covered in icing and hundreds and thousands, well that or on an ice cream. How can anyone want to come to Blackpool?

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